Securing Your Premises from Intruders

Keeping your peace of mind isn’t a piece of cake, especially when you’ve experienced burglary or intrusion before. Securing your premises from intruders requires many steps. And while they’re not 100% foolproof, they all help discourage potential thieves and intruders from entering your home or business.

Fortified Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are usually the entry points for intruders. It’s a no-brainer that you should lock all of them before you sleep or go away. To make entry more difficult for intruders, invest in professional installation and top quality materials for your doors and windows. The downside with this security measure though is the high cost.

Build a Fence

Tall and sturdy fences are one of the best ways to secure your family, belongings, and even privacy. However, the fences may serve as barriers in emergency situations. Thus, many neighborhood associations and local governments restrict or regulate the construction of fences. If you want to build one, check the laws in your areas first to see whether it’s allowed or not.

Security System

A security system can watch over your home or business while you can’t. The mere sight of cameras can deter many intruders as they are scared of having evidence against them. Sophisticated security systems nowadays have advanced features such as wireless mechanism, night vision cameras, motion sensors, smoke sensors, and remote access. If you want the best security systems in your property, expect their installation, maintenance, and operations to be far from affordable. You can visit this site for more information.

Improved Visibility of Your Surroundings

Make sure your yards are well-lit during nighttime. To further enhance visibility of your surroundings, remove thick and tall shrubbery in your yards. If you have trees, cut the branches that are extending towards your roof or upper floors of your home. The problem with improving the visibility around your premises is that you may need to sacrifice a bit of your privacy and some curb appeal.


Curtains prevent intruders from having a peek at the insides of your home. However, this security measure may not be applicable to businesses, especially shops. Another disadvantage of having curtains is that they may keep your neighbors or bystanders from seeing an emergency situation happening inside your home.

Befriending Your Neighbors

This is the only cost-free way of securing your home or business. When you’re away for several days, you can ask your neighbors to keep sight of your premises, call you if something’s amiss, and even collect flyers left by your front door. An accumulation of flyers at your entrance conveys the idea that you’re away.

Just like the abovementioned security measures, befriending your neighbors has its cons. First, not all neighbors are open to this idea. Second, getting to know people also entails that you should let them know something about yourself. You can’t be too open especially when you’re new in your neighborhood.

Consider the physical structure of your home or business as your first and main line of defense against theft and intrusion. Make sure your valuable belongings and papers are secured in rooms, vaults, or drawers. Moreover, you should invest in home insurance and keep contact details of the local police, your insurer, and neighbors.


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