Sales Recruitment in 2020: Strategic Hiring and Retention Plan

If you revisit your sales recruitment strategies in the past, it’s not unlikely to wonder if there are possible ways to improve the trend this year. But, as you must also already know, improvement comes with challenges. It just doesn’t get easier, does it? 

The straight answer is, yes, because you can always prepare for battle. The earlier you get to keep your head up in the game, the more you can see through all the measures that need to be taken.


Hiring and Retention Plan for Newly-Hired Sales Representatives

Hire Less Experienced Reps

If you want to quickly hire a full-on sales team, rooting for the top 10% may not be the easiest route for now. Hiring less experienced sales reps is not code for hiring employees that are not going to drive numbers into the company. However, you may have to spend an amount of time and energy in improving their portfolios.

When you do this, you have to qualify candidates who are genuinely motivated to grow in their profession. Salespersons who do not want to settle in their current standing tend to produce higher turnovers when given a chance. Competitive individuals show great potential for growth, especially when they’re still new, driven, and thirsty for challenging experiences.

Look at rookies’ potentials as investments. If you mend and hone them well, they can be beneficial. And employees who are valued for their determination often show deep gratification to the company who gave them a shot at the game.

So, the point is instead of hiring top-performers, why don’t you hire sales representatives that you can turn into top-performing competitors in the field?


Level-Up Training

sales rep training

Improve your training, especially during the sales recruitment process. Coaching and mentorship help newly-hired sales representatives in setting their personal goals for their careers and roles in the company. This stage is where the real investment comes in because before your reps even get to earn, the time spent on training is unprofitable hours. At least, not yet.

The plan is to boost your fresh batch with confidence and product knowledge. Having less experience may have a little bump on their courage to make it through. But, showing them a path that develops their adaptability to professional challenges can enhance their self-reliance.

New sales methods are welcome, particularly when they’re acquired from recent obstacles faced by the company. They’re more applicable when ideas come from internal activities where you can identify the causes of highs and lows in your sales team’s performance, and together, you may be able to create resolutions.


Increase Compensation Offers

Employee retention is usually associated with compensation packages, although it also attracts sales candidates.

For the candidates, employer branding entails the monetary variable included in the position offered. They highly value companies that are also beneficial for their long-term career goals. In fact, higher rates appeal to exceptionally qualified sales representatives with top-performing experiences from previous companies. Won’t that be a great turn to your sales recruitment process?


Applying Strategies in Sales Recruitment

sales recruitment strategies

While some companies say that sales talent is on a brink this year, it’s going to create a high demand for reps, which may or may not cause a shortage of experienced salespersons. Nonetheless, it’s going to be such a drastic change for the industry.

A quick turnaround in sales recruitment would be best for your company, both for hiring and retention processes of sales employees. These strategies stated above might provide the primary solutions to seek fresh and qualified employees and to avoid losing people in the sales team. 

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