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Avoid These 7 Stupid Workplace Rules That Make Good People Quit

You’ve done everything to improve the work conditions of the company. You offer the best compensation packages and implement excellent procedures. But why are your employees still leaving?

The problem is that maybe you’re doing too much. Excessive rules can suffocate your employees and affect the company’s productivity. Listed below are stupid workplace rules that make good people quit. Make your employees stay by avoiding these mistakes.

Ineffective hiring process

The words “great” and “computer” is present, you’re hired!

The use of machines and applicant-tracking systems can make the hiring process easier. Keyword searching for resumes can save you time. But can you hire the correct candidate from computer algorithms? Too much dependence on digital technology can affect the performance of your company. Improve your hiring process by taking the hands-on approach with your applicants. Conduct a fast and friendly interview to humanize your employment process.

Ridiculous attendance policies

If you’re furious at your employee for coming 10 minutes late, but you refuse to acknowledge overtime work, you need to rethink the value of time. Proper time allocation and management are important, but it should warrant mutual respect from both sides. Lack of appreciation from the company can damage an employee’s self-esteem.

Bereavement leave procedures

The need for a funeral notice for paid bereavement leave is idiotic. Instead of attending to family matters, your employee is stuck with paperwork to prove this tragedy. This company rule is heartless. Your employee just lost a loved one, yet your company still asks for proof of his grief. Instead, be compassionate and sympathetic, and you will have your employee’s gratitude.

Approval for everything

A project or a financial report requires the approval from a manager. The consent from the boss for hiring new recruits is reasonable. However, is there a need for approval when requesting new pens and markers? Making the documents and having the manager sign these papers is a tedious processes that’s a waste of time. Instead of getting on with the work at hand, approval for these simple requests can slow productivity.

Mobile phone restrictions

no cellphones
No Cellphones = No life

The restriction of mobile phone use during a meeting is understandable. But asking your employees not to touch mobile phones during the whole day is absurd. Allow your employees to access these devices once in a while. An emergency outside work can manifest itself during office hours. Let your employees handle these situations in order to give an immediate response.

Forced ranking

Comparing employees to one another based on generic evaluation can strip their individuality. Don’t pit your staff against each other. Remember that employees are not machines with the same set of skills. Appreciate your employee’s similarities, and honor their differences. Rank your employees based on individual merits and demerits.

Impractical feedback techniques

Anonymous surveys for feedback are foolish. A piece of paper is not a sufficient basis for performance. You can skip tiring assessment meetings if you can evaluate your employees on the spot. Simple tips and comments for improvement are more effective when said at the correct moment. Face-to-face evaluations are also more suitable, instead of the anonymity of a box and papers.

A company’s trust in an employee goes a long way. Negligence can affect your company’s workforce, but severe rules can snuff out the potential of your employees. A balanced and relaxed workplace can result in satisfied personnel. It can also promote a happy culture at work, which can lead to less frequent staff turnover.

5 thoughts on “Avoid These 7 Stupid Workplace Rules That Make Good People Quit”

  1. Companies that are not willing to make changes can’t live in the next decade. Times are changing, and so are the people that are working for your companies. You need to adapt to their wants and needs. Richard Branson always said that if you take good care of your employees, they will do the same for the customers.

  2. This really need a balance between the employee’s wants and needs and the companies’ policies. Many employers can’t make last long on their job if the rules of the company is very strict.

  3. Agree on the restriction of using mobile phones during work hours but it has need more limitations. Just use it when needed especially on the case of emergencies.

  4. It’s better to talk about the issues between the employees and their superiors. With that way, truly people will stay longer. That’s why most employees prefer companies that will treat them right.

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